Low Altitude Flight Tracking for Drones

Safely integrating the next generation of autonomous aircraft
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4DSky’s mission is to provide the most trusted flight tracking services in the world, that can be relied upon to keep, drones, aircraft and their parcels and passengers safe

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4D Viewer

View flight data in a modern 4D viewer, with both live and historical data on demand

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The worlds first 3D sensor coverage model that helps you to plan safe flights and achieve certification

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Integrate flight data directly into your software application, with self-hosted options available

Safety & Security

Built on top of a  fail safe architecture, with audit tools, health monitoring and position assurance, 4DSky is the first flight tracking service designed for safety critical applications, that drone and airport operators can trust.
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Use Cases

Our subscription packages are suited to a wide range of different use cases

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Track flights in real time, search historical flights, and access fun tools

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Access data to understand trends and make better decisions in your business

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Integrate with our SDSP to help monitor and manage low altitude airspace traffic

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Use our coverage model
and low altitude flight data to manage collision risks


We commit to providing our flight tracking tools to individuals for free, however if you would like to support our project, access advanced tools, or use the services for commercial purposes we offer some competitive packages that we are sure you will love.


Non-commercial use only

We commit to providing access to our basic features for non-commercial use, for free, forever
  • Low altitude aircraft tracking
  • Low altitude drone tracking
  • 3D user interface
  • Historic aircraft tracks


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Commercial use permitted

We provide a range of options for businesses who require access to services for commercial use
  • Range of deployment options
  • Sensor Coverage Maps
  • Enterprise safety/ security
  • Service level agreement

Install a Sensor

Sky4D is powered by community ADS-B sensors connected to the Neuron Network.

If you would like to contribute coverage and earn rewards, you can learn how to on the neuron.world website
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